Chapter 1 - Introduction to Wine

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  1. Many (but not all) of these wines are respectable high quality American versions of the classic red or white “Bordeaux” (BORE-doh) style. (2 words)
  2. The World's largest wine consumer
  3. This term is used primarily to reference the wine-producing countries of America, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and New Zealand. (2 words)
  4. Found on the outside of the grape and contains the tannin, flavor, and color.
  5. Commonly referred to as “Jug or Generic Wine” because they are often purchased in a jug or box. Generally consist of a blend of different grapes and often are of lower quality than grapes that compose varietal labeled wines. (2 words)
  6. This category of wine consists of a table wine as the base, with the addition of large amounts of CO2 for carbonation. (2 words)
  7. one of the many, yet most significant defining factors that determines the personality of a wine
  8. 44% of wine drinkers surveyed, indicate they often feel ____________ by wine lists at restaurants.
  9. The names of wines in this category are derived from their predominant grape variety. This labeling method is applied to most non-European wine labels. (2 words)
  10. This category of wine consists of table wine as the base, with additional alcohol (in the form of a distilled spirit —often an unaged brandy) added. (2 words)
  11. This bottle shape contains straight sides with steep, tall, shoulders. It’s an excellent shape for wines that tend to exude sediment because the steep shoulders can serve to hold back the sediment as the wine is poured. (2 words)
  12. The proper term for "cork taint"
  13. The World's largest wine producer.
  14. On a wine label, the "vintage year" (The year the grapes were picked and the wine was made)
  15. This category of wine gets its name because it has been made (historically) to be drunk at the table with meals. (2 words)
  16. This bottle is typically sturdy and heavy with shallow gentle sloping shoulders. (2 words)
  17. The name of this glass that has a large surface area and very large bowl used for allowing the wine to aerate tannin and integrate aromas and flavors. (3 words)


  1. This is a narrow, thin tall bottle with a very gentle sloping shoulder. (2 words)
  2. This glass contains a narrow surface area used for concentrating the more subtle and delicate aromas associated with these wines. (3 words)
  3. From a business perspective, the number one reason why a culinary/hospitality student and professional should learn about wine and food pairing? (2 words)
  4. The book is a 336-page guide for the novice and intermediate wine drinker who is serious about beginning or strengthening their journey to appreciating wine. It’s written in a straightforward approach to understanding wine and providing a framework for making intelligent food pairing decisions. (4 words)
  5. These wine labels refer to wines that are produced from strictly regulated areas of the wine growing country. This labeling method is applied to most European (old world) wine labels where the wines are named after the place they come from. (2 words)
  6. Found on the inside of the grape, where the juice, acid, sugar, and flavor can be found.
  7. This French term is a concept that loosely translates to the connection to the land.
  8. On a wine label, the "Producer" (winery or estate or negociant)
  9. On a wine label, the "geographic location" (Where the grapes are grown)
  10. 66% of wine consumers surveyed, they wish restaurants would provide more ____________ in choosing wine to go with their meals.
  11. On a wine label, the "grape variety" (not always listed, particularly in Europe)
  12. The Fermented juice of grapes
  13. This term references the long-established tradition of winemaking within the European countries of France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. (2 words)

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